Sexual Health Scholarship

STD Testing Scholarship At, we recognize that education is at the core of being able to lead a happy and healthy life. It is not only our mission to provide education on topics of sexual well-being, but by providing this scholarship we hope to extend our influence, in a small way, to higher education.

We are proud to give back to future health professionals through our Sexual Health Scholarship and also expose students to world-famous TED Talks as a requirement for application. This annually awarded scholarship will be given to one student based upon essay submission.

Award Amount


2017 Eligibility Requirements

This scholarship is available to all undergraduate or graduate-level students in the medical or a health-related (physical therapy, nursing, healthcare administration, nutrition, exercise science, etc) field of study who are currently enrolled in and attending a degree program at an accredited American university, college or medical school.

Application Deadline

July 15, 2017. A winner will be chosen and notified by August 1, 2017 and the monetary award distributed by August 31, 2017.

How to Apply

Submit an essay up to 1000 words discussing the top 3 ideas which struck you most while viewing one of the TED talks listed on Please preface your essay with a paragraph summarizing your education goals. Note the preface will not count for or against 1000 word maximum.

Submit your essay and full application using the form given on this page. The following information is required along with your application:

  1. Full name and contact information including phone number and email address.
  2. Details of your academic status, along with proof that you are currently attending college or medical school. For evidence of your enrollment, you may submit your most current undergraduate or medical school transcript. By offering this information, you are giving your express consent for us to verify your attendance and admission of the school by contacting your college or university.
  3. Your essay may be delivered as a Word document, PDF or you may share a Google document by providing a link.

Application Form

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